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What’s Delicious: Fall City tomatoes

The Grand Central Bakery BLT starts 26 miles east of Seattle, along the Snoqualmie River, where rows of rangy vines twine upward on strings and fist-sized tomatoes blush an ever-deepening shade of red.  It’s late July at Fall City Farms, and a warm spring and cooler mid-summer bodes well for a long, sweet season.  “We […]


Right on Time, Perfect BLT returns

Our customers start asking about this sandwich in July, anticipating the arrival of the first ripe local tomatoes. When we get the go-ahead from our friends at Deep Roots Farm and Fall City Farms, it’s time to put the BLT back on our specials menu. Get ready, because Aug. 5th is the day! What is so special […]


What’s Delicious: Phelps Farm Blueberries

As a young boy, Marv Phelps said he wanted to figure out how to grow blueberries that weigh a pound each. Now close to 70, Marv hasn’t yet cracked the code on the pounder, but he’s still devoted to blueberries, tending bushes his father planted on the family’s Gresham-area farm in the 1950s. “I do […]


What’s for Lunch? Great Ingredients

We’re stubborn about some things. Like the fact that we want our food to taste delicious and reflect the seasons. More than that, we insist that the farmers, ranchers and food producers we buy from meet certain standards – growing food and raising livestock in ways that are humane and good for the land. We can’t […]


What’s Delicious: Columbia Blossom stone fruit

To taste a Northwest summer, start on a windswept bluff in Mosier, 70 miles up the Columbia River Gorge from Portland. Here, in Jim Reed’s Columbia Blossom Organic Orchards, apricots ripen to a soft blush in June. Waves of rich, juicy stone fruit – nectarines, plums, peaches and more – follow from July into late September. Fruit from these 32 acres […]


More bread, more joy: Angelo Desarno

At the end of the day, the craft of baking great artisan bread is about happiness. Baker Angelo Desarno takes basic ingredients – flour, salt and water – and uses time and fermentation to turn them into loaves of pure joy. Hometown: Scranton, Pa. Years as a baker: 11 Background: Studied graphic design in college, switched to […]


What’s Delicious: Chocolate Croissants

It’s hard to beat a buttery, flaky croissant. But the relatively modern invention of the chocolate croissant is a strong contender. Really it’s just a square of that flaky, buttery dough wrapped around two pieces of dark chocolate. We use 10 Degrees Chocolate, produced with premium Trinitario and Forestero cacao. Then there’s our croissant dough, made with Cremerie Classique European style […]


Great Pastry Every Day: Bob Borowieki

Bob Borowieki starts each day ready to bake the best pastry in Portland. With every coffee cake or croissant he pulls from the oven, he finds ways big or small to push his craft forward. So how did a guy with a weakness for classics end up in the kitchen?  “I went to college for ancient history […]


Artisan Bread 101: Baking

Baking, the final step, is visceral and dramatic. Loaves slide onto the oven’s molten-hot hearth and doors clank shut. Great puffs of steam swirl around inside, giving each loaf a crackling crust. The bread goes into the oven pale and soft and comes out sturdy and brick red. Later, on the cooling rack, it ‘sings’ – emitting a chorus of faint crackles […]